Rubber Stamping FAQs

With the wide variety of supplies that are available in the market it is foolhardy to assume that you would know how to use all kinds of art supplies. At the same time some of the latest supplies that you can find in the market are extremely helpful in allowing you to create some of the most amazing projects. Therefore, it is essential that you get an understanding of all the tools, supplies and techniques that there are, in order to be able to stay ahead of things in this hobby.

Right from knowing how to purchase specific supplies to using the best techniques to manifest your creativity, there is a need and desire to know everything. Some of the questions that you may have in mind are answered here in order to help satisfy your curiosity and to ignite it further for more research towards learning all that you can about the rubber stamping hobby.

Can you suggest some ideas for a rubber stamping project?

Rubber stamping is all about getting creative and letting your mind go. So the whole thing should actually emanate from your mind. However, if you are drawing a blank and would like some ideas to spark off your imagination then you can read on so that you get your creative juices flowing. Try using some discarded fabric like denim to create stamped coasters or mats. The rubber stamping and embel...


What are the different kinds of stamps available in the market?

There are various kinds of stamps that are available in the market and rubber stamps are only one of the types that are available. Understanding the various kinds that exist, gives you a higher level of insight into the projects with regards to when you should be using rubber stamps and the times when you should opt for something different. The most common of all kinds of stamps is the mounted s...


How can I combine stamps to create different designs?

Once you have used a rubber stamp, you may not like to use the same pattern again and again in another project. And therefore the maximum use of a rubber stamp can be achieved by combining the rubber stamps that you have already. This can also ensure that the designs that you create are unique and never seen before. The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at all the stamps that you...


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