How to make simple homemade rubber stamps

Making your own rubber stamp takes about 15 to 30 minutes if you have already decided on the kind of design that you want to create. And of course it pays to have all the supplies ready so that you can start immediately. You will need stiff cardboard and art supplies to create your own design, rubber bands, and glue. To be able to use your rubber stamp you will also need some ink or pigment and a surface like paper or cloth to check out the results.

Start with sketching out the design that you want to make in the stiff cardboard. Cut off the shapes that you need for the design and glue the pieces of rubber bands on the design. These need to be pressed down in such a manner that they are at the same level. Leave the homemade rubber stamp to dry up for a while. Make sure that all the rubber bands are safely fixed.

Dip the rubber stamp in ink and make an impression on rough paper. You may be able to see some imperfections in the rubber stamp that you have made. Correct the flaws and try again till your rubber stamp is perfect. It is a good idea to use rubber bands of similar thickness to get an even print. If you are planning to create alphabets or a word, then you need to make sure to invert them so that they print properly. If you want to make your rubber stamp more permanent than one that can be made from cardboard, you can use woof scraps.



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