Inks for rubber stamping projects

There are various kinds of inks that you can use to use along with your rubber stamps. It is important to clean off the ink that you have used with the rubber stamp earlier in order to ensure that you do not mix the inks and create a color that you may not like. The variety of colors that are available in inks that you can use for rubber stamping is amazing. These can also be found in different...


Embossing powder

Embossing powder is used in rubber stamping to ensure that the surface of the area that has been stamped raise slightly to appear embossed. These powders contain granules that melt to form a raised area when they are heated. The heating also ensures that they attach themselves to any kind of surface like fabric, cloth, paper, cardboard and even wood or glass, permanently. Embossing powders are s...


Tools to augment your rubber stamped images

Just using rubber stamps on any of the projects may not be as satisfying as embellishing them with other forms of art and craft. There are various ways in which you can add on some character to the image that you have stamped. The first of these is embossing and we know that embossing powders can be used to add to the stamped image and heated to create a raised image effect. There are however ot...


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