Tools to augment your rubber stamped images

Just using rubber stamps on any of the projects may not be as satisfying as embellishing them with other forms of art and craft. There are various ways in which you can add on some character to the image that you have stamped. The first of these is embossing and we know that embossing powders can be used to add to the stamped image and heated to create a raised image effect. There are however other supplies that you can use and a large part of what you use depend on your skills and the surface that you are using to stamp on.

Watercolor pencils can be used to shade into the stamped imaged that you have created. It is a popular choice among stampers and the pencils allow for great detailing and finesse. Watercolors can also be used to add color to rubber stamped images. Some of these include light mica powder that can add some glitter to your project too.

Marker pens are also extremely popular since they can be used in any way that you like to add to the image created. If you are interested in adding subtle color to the rubber stamp image, then using colored chalks is recommended. And if you are using rubber stamps on a dress and want to bring some jazz into it, you can use some pigment powders that can be used to bring shine and shimmer to the work. With these art supplies at your disposal you can just let your imagination roll.



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