Inks for rubber stamping projects

There are various kinds of inks that you can use to use along with your rubber stamps. It is important to clean off the ink that you have used with the rubber stamp earlier in order to ensure that you do not mix the inks and create a color that you may not like.

The variety of colors that are available in inks that you can use for rubber stamping is amazing. These can also be found in different pad sizes to ensure that you can use them for different size of rubber stamps. There are essentially three kinds of inks for rubber stamping - dye-based, pigment-based and solvent-based. There are some special inks that are used for specific project likes those that involve stamping on fabric.

Dye based inks dry up faster and these have fast colors. These are therefore good for those who are starting off in rubber stamping since they do not take time to dry up. In addition to that these are known to be great for projects that have a white or pastel colors paper as a base. Dye base colors are however, known to fade in sunlight. Storing these dyes on the felt pad upside down helps in ensuring that the ink flows to the top for easy application.

Pigment based dyes are thick and therefore they dry slowly. The color are however fast and do not fade in sunlight easily. These are also good when you want to use embossing powder. And you will see that they are typically sold with a sponge pad.

Permanent solvent inks are long lasting and permanent. They dry fast and can be used on a large number of surfaces like paper, fabric, wood and glass too.



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