Embossing powder

Embossing powder is used in rubber stamping to ensure that the surface of the area that has been stamped raise slightly to appear embossed. These powders contain granules that melt to form a raised area when they are heated. The heating also ensures that they attach themselves to any kind of surface like fabric, cloth, paper, cardboard and even wood or glass, permanently. Embossing powders are sold in tubes and jars and these can be mixed together to form different colors.

The different types of embossing powders available differ mainly on the basis of color and quality. Some powders are gritty while there are others that provide a higher shine to the final image. Transparent embossing powders also exist that can be used in a variety of different ways.

Embossing powders need heat to be used. Therefore it is essential that the powder be heating in some manner. In addition to that one needs to use slow drying ink with embossing powder as the powder is tapped on to the ink for temporary sticking. The powder is then heated till the embossing powder melts and attaches itself to the surface permanently.

You only need a little embossing powder to create a nice picture. Too much embossing can make it look extremely bulky and unattractive. It is a good idea to pick up some colors even if you feel tempted to pick up all the shades that are available in the market. You might want to split an embossing powder can with a friend who also likes to use it in rubber stamping projects.



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