Can you suggest some ideas for a rubber stamping project?

Rubber stamping is all about getting creative and letting your mind go. So the whole thing should actually emanate from your mind. However, if you are drawing a blank and would like some ideas to spark off your imagination then you can read on so that you get your creative juices flowing.

Try using some discarded fabric like denim to create stamped coasters or mats. The rubber stamping and embellishments shall ensure that the faded jeans look brighter and nicer and you shall have a nice set of household mats and coasters on your hands too. Similarly you can use any kind of fabric that you have to create wall hangings out of embossed rubber stamping too.

Use rubber stamping to embellish your clay project in which you have created mugs. Stamp the names of each of your friends on the mugs, emboss them and paint them further to give as gifts on friendship day. Choose to make embossed and stamped envelopes on a lazy day so that you can use them to send cards and notes in. If you feel envelopes are an obsolete idea, then you could create gift cards for the same.

Scrapbooking can also always use stamped creations that are embellished with beads, sequins and more. It becomes another way in which you can create newer options for your scrapbook. Another great idea is to use polymer clay and then to use rubber stamps to make some homemade and yet personalized jewelry for yourself or your friends.



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