What are the different kinds of stamps available in the market?

There are various kinds of stamps that are available in the market and rubber stamps are only one of the types that are available. Understanding the various kinds that exist, gives you a higher level of insight into the projects with regards to when you should be using rubber stamps and the times when you should opt for something different.

The most common of all kinds of stamps is the mounted stamp. This is so common that people think of the mounted rubber stamp when someone mentions the word stamp. It is a stamp that is ready to use and can be mounted on different kinds of materials like wood, plastic, acrylic and even metal. The idea is to ensure that there is adequate space for the user to hold the mount and then put the rubber stamp in the inkpad. Mounted rubber stamps that are made well are the best for stamping into fabric and other soft surfaces since they can be held tightly and stabilized while the stamping is being done.

Un-mounted stamps are obviously cheaper than mounted ones and are also popular. These stamps just contain the 'die' part of the stamp. In cases where you can place the stamp permanently in one location for the stamping or use a system like cling foam. Clear or acrylic stamps are becoming increasingly popular too. These clear stamps can be placed to acrylic blocks in order to ensure that he placement is precise and perfect. Other than these, there are also the foam stamps and the digital stamps that are becoming popular too.



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