Making professional rubber stamps with a rubber stamp maker

More professional and fine rubber stamps can also be made. But the one thing that you need purchase if you want rubber stamps that are more professional and neater is a rubber stamp maker or an art stamp maker. This means that you will have to invest in this piece of equipment. However, once you have this rubber stamping can become extremely easy.

Choose a picture that you want to make a rubber stamp of. In case you want to make it yourself you can use any of the digital software that is available to create. Open the image in the software and get a negative image of the picture. Some kits also provide reversing negatives that can be used. This negative picture should be put between double glass frames and should be secured by rubber dams. Polymer or rubber liquid is also something that you can buy. It will be provided if you are using a kit. Add the liquid in between the dams and leave this under the art stamp maker for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Once you have exposed the apparatus for about 8 minutes, you can remove it and wash off the remaining liquid with a brush. You should be able to see a stamp that is ready to use. Add this on a mount and dab it into ink and you shall be ready to go rubber stamping. The easiest mount that you can choose is a block of wood. You can create multiple rubber stamps that are unique as a sign of a club that you create.



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