How to make rubber stamps for letterboxing

Letterboxing is a specific kind of a treasure hunt or hiking game where you leave your own specific personal mark on the letterbox journal as proof that you were there. Making a rubber stamp to create your own mark is not tough at all. The simple materials that you need include a rubber pad, cutter tools, ink, some paper and pencils. You can find rubber pads in craft stores, calligraphy stores and sometimes you can even find them in a good stationery shop.

Take your time to decide on a good image that will lend itself to rubber stamping. An image that has too many lines and shaded areas is not something that will be a good option. If you are looking for an appropriate image on the Internet, try and choose a black and white line drawing rather than one that is colored. If you have good drawing skills, you may want to create your signature in your own style.

Print or draw the picture and turn it around. Take a pencil and shade the back of the paper on which the picture has been drawn. Now place the paper with the shaded part below on the rubber pad and trace out the picture. The outline of the picture will appear on the rubber stamp. Draw the picture neatly on the rubber stamp itself using the marker or the pen and then use cutting tools. Make sure that you go straight down into the rubber and not at an angle. Turning the pad and not the tools when you need to achieve a curve is a better idea. Remove the rubber ensuring that a graving appears and you will be ready to use your own letterboxing rubber stamp.



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